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As salaamu Alaikum! is one of the premier and most preferred Islamic matrimonial portal with a touch of tradition serving people worldwide. It is one of the rapidly growing up matrimonial portals and is dedicated towards searching and settling soul willing matrimonial alliances and successful marriages. It is a safe and trustworthy community and we adhere to a strict code of conduct and take a zero tolerance approach to any misuse of the service. This matrimonial site is ideally suitable for those who are searching for their soul mates with genuine intentions. offer a personalized matrimony services for you to make contact with Muslim community      single's and helps you to find a good match for you. We have helped hundreds of people to meet their life partner  through our through our revolutionary matchmaking services.

Match-Making on Whatsapp

The tedious task of fixing a marriage has become easier with the coming of free messenger services like WhatsApp.Bio-datas and photographs of the boy and girl in question can land within no time, as everybody is connected through smartphones nowadays - right from the parents to the prospective grooms and brides.

This system has certainly removed the role of mediators, who sometimes played a dubious role in fixing a Marriage, "The concerned parties are able to connect directly without any scope of false information being fed to any of the sides. 

With prospective brides and grooms playing a more active role in the match selection process, the speedy exchange on this messaging app really suits them

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